Referral Process

If you are currently working with someone with an acute, severe or enduring eating disorder and would like to arrange an assessment please contact our Referrals Manager on 01284 220210.

If you prefer you can email with details of your enquiry. Assessments are free of charge and without obligation and can normally be completed within 24 hours of receiving a referral. If an urgent assessment is required, we are able to assess and admit on the same day. Should that be the case, please let us know.

Referrals can be accepted from healthcare pro­fessionals, insurance companies or self-funders. You will be asked to complete a referral form and provide copies of recent psychiatric and nursing reports including, where relevant, Care ­Pro­gramme Approach (CPA) reports. Once the assessment has been completed our MDT will meet to consider the individual’s suit­ability for our service.

You will be verbally notified of our decision within 24 hours of the assessment taking place and this will be followed up with a formal bed offer letter, assessment report and initial care and treatment plan, if the individual is suitable. In the event that our MDT believe an alternative care provision would be better placed to meet the individual’s needs, they will provide a rationale for their decision and signpost you to appropriate services.