Information for Families & Carers


We know from our own experience that witnessing someone you love suffering from an eating disorder can be devastating. You are likely to be experiencing a variety of emotions ranging from confusion, guilt, despair and fear to anger, frustration and even resentment – these are a symptom of acute stress and are perfectly normal.

We provide family and carer support during and after treatment at the clinic. There are opportunities for individual, couples and family support and we always endevour to ensure that there is clear and meaningful communication at all times. Understanding what is happening to a loved one during thier treatment and being given sound advice and support with transitional programmes is critical to everyones welbeing and the efficacy and durabilty of the treatment gains made. Although the quality of the physical enviromment is very important, effective treatment, good communication and candour between everyone involved is the 'hall mark' of a safe and caring service.